Fall 2020 Fashion!

Fall this year is all about comfort. But that doesn’t mean it has to be sweatpants and a t-shirt all day, every day (as great as that can be).

Try for warmer colours, layered outfits, textures, and simple statement jewellery pieces – think chic comfort. We’ve put together two outfits using the fall favourites we have in store right now.

1. Pair a cowl neck sweater with a short corduroy skirt and a pair of tall boots

Pair a cowl neck sweater with a short corduroy skirt and a pair of tall boots


Cowl neck and mock neck sweaters are a big favourite this season which we love because they’re much comfier around the neck than a full turtleneck. We’ve gone for this blush coloured Suzie Shear cowl neck with a bat wing sleeve.

The cowl neck will draw eyes to your face the same way a turtleneck will, and the bat wing sleeve will give you plenty of room around your arms and chest while still giving you a tailored, professional look. The blush colour is a fun twist on the deep reds that start to come out for the season.

Paired with the sweater is a short, black corduroy skirt from Torrid with silver button-up snaps. Buttoned A-line or mini skirts have made a massive comeback over the past year, and trading in a crop top or t-shirt for a sweater tucked in at the front will transition the look from summer to fall.

Throw on a pair of tall boots – these are a quilted fabric with a stretchy back to accommodate a wide calf – and a pair of tights to complete your outfit.

A cowl neck, short skirt, and tall boots are ideal if you’re a bit shorter because this outfit elongates your body.

Overtop, throw on a pea coat, even just draped over your shoulders, it’ll give you an Instagram-ready look. This jacket is a Ricki’s faux wool coat – making it lighter than a full wool outer layer, but still warm.

Accessorize with sterling silver star earrings, a long pendant chain with interlocking rings, and a small black purse to finish the look.


2. Dress up a maroon jegging with a two-tone grey sweater, a mid-length pea coat, and ankle boots.


Maroon jegging with a two-tone grey sweater, a mid-length pea coat, and ankle boots.


Jeggings are a great choice to keep comfortable while still looking put together. These are a deep maroon jegging from Le Chateau. The midrise fit will look more professional than low-rise and will feel better on your waist.

Don’t be afraid to choose colours like maroon instead of black for your pant. Plus size women are often told they should only wear black (for its supposed slimming effect), but that’s no fun! Embrace your curves and the whole  colour palette, you can wear whatever you want!

But, if it’s a bit our of your comfort zone, or you’re just starting to add in more colour to your wardrobe, an easy way to start is subbing out black pants for other deep colours like maroon or navy blue.

We’ve chosen to dress this jegging up with a two-tone grey sweater from RW & Co. The dark piping on the neckline and pockets gives it a more professional feel.

Finish this look with grey or black ankle boots and a purse. We’ve gone for grey boots, with light detailing on the back (keeping it simple will prevent the outfit from feeling too “busy”). The handbag, from Thirty One is a similar grey tone to the boots, tying the outfit together. A bag of this size is great for everyday use or to bring into the office.

Accessorize with a sterling silver ring and a moonstone, long-chain pendant necklace.


Staples this season

You’re probably spending more time at home this season, so it’s definitely a good idea to pick up some loungewear that you love. Whether that’s for curling up to watch Netflix or to dress up with a blazer for that daily Zoom call.

Pick leggings or jeggings over jeans to keep it comfy and chic or go for a corduroy textile – corduroy is softer than denim and a fun textile to style.

When picking sweaters this season, don’t be afraid to go for something loose or bulky, but make sure it has some shape to it. Pick a turtleneck or a mock or cowl neck, maybe something with a funky and flattering knit or a tapered sleeve. 

Pea coats, from mid to full length, are very popular this year – as are tall or ankle boots which have consistently been a fall staple. Remember, you can always make a trend your own by picking unique colours, textures, or styles.

Don’t forget to grab a small purse and your mask on your way out the door! As well as having all your fall staples in store (plus everything from the cute outfits you just saw), we’re also stocking brand new masks to complement your look.

Browse our online store or come by the Kathleen’s Wears to build your fall wardrobe for an affordable price. We’d love to help you find what you’re looking for, whether that’s the latest fashion trend or a trendsetter item. Drop us a message through our social channels or send us an email if you have any questions or need help styling.

We’re here for you, happy fall!



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